Hey Everyone!

Outside the window, it’s dark, a hot tea in my hands, and my heart is warm with memories of the passing year. Yes, we’re almost saying goodbye to 2023, but before we do, I want to share with you a handful of thoughts and feelings swirling in my mind.

Thanking God

Let’s start with the most important thing – great gratitude is due to God. Every morning I woke up thinking about how big a gift another day of life is. Sometimes we forget how amazing just being alive is. In 2023, every sunrise was a reminder to me that I have a chance for a new beginning, and every sunset – that it’s worth appreciating every moment.

A Year Full of Beautiful Moments and Hard Work

What captivated me this year? Moments. The small and the big ones. Each had its own beauty and magic. And work? Well, sometimes it was challenging, but it also brought me a lot of satisfaction. Thanks to it, I felt that I was growing, learning new things, and pushing my own boundaries. It was amazing!

Sun, Moon, and People Who Add Color to My Life

I can’t forget about the sun and moon, painting their spectacular images in the sky every day. And what about the people around me? Every person I met, every conversation, even brief encounters with strangers in a café or bus, brought something special. These small interactions, full of kindness and warmth, were like rays of sunshine in my life. They made me feel part of something bigger.

Summing Up the Year…

In conclusion, 2023 was full of ups and downs, moments of joy and sometimes sadness, but above all, it was a year for which I am immensely grateful. Every day was like a new page in the book of life, full of colors, emotions, and unforgettable moments.

What are your reflections? What will you remember from this year? Let me know!

Hugging you all tightly and see you in 2024!

Best wishes,

With love Sandra

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